well i’ll start saying night 6 lol

okay thank you to the makers again for the great list of suggestions 🙂 hurrah! lol 

If i could be a supernatural being what would i be and why? 

Honestly a shape shifter. I’d love to do what sam and luna could do. you can get out of almost any trouble. if someone is trying to sacrifice you; you can change into a bull and kill them. i loved when tommy turned into a aligator in the van before andy opened up the back. how cool was that? 

basically i love the fact that you can turn into any animal and just away you go. that is awesome. 

thank you lol 🙂 

also……….i don’t know if sam has done this via books but hopefully he didn’t turn into a wolf and try to run with a pack of werewolves. eek!Image


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