3 Hour RAW?

how is everyone feeling about this?

 i am a bit puzzled. really i am. because they have chop sueyed up the women’s area. it sucks to hell. they let Karma go because they didn’t know what to do with her. GO FIGURE THEY ARE SEXIST PIGS!!!!!!!!!!! they need get a better competition in the women’s area. thank god natalya and beth phoenix are still there. AJ AND EVE ARE GOD DAMN PETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope also that John Cena will be alright………forgive me Mr. Cena (o.o i like that lol maybe you could play christian grey in fifty shades…….o.o what a thought). but yes i read the blah blah blah on the D word………and you will be so much better off……it’s hard to tell real from bitches and blah blah. Also i am excited for you to win back the belt on monday but watch out because i heard from *stupid* dwayne J. he’s going after it as well. which doesn’t suprise me but yes i cannot stand him because of the way he left he leaves broken promises like my ex boyfriends do and crap like that. 

but i hope you are happy and find even better happiness in your life Mr. Cena ❤ ❤ 

As for the WWEUniverse we will have to wait and see what unfolds for these new circumstances. 


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