new seasons

well now it is October and there are some really great shows on the tube this season. Once upon a time so far is really great. I am excited to see how Emma and Snow find a portal or a way to go back to Story brook. I also have a feeling that Cora will be going there before or at the same time that they do. 

Another great show this season is 666 Park Avenue. I am now curious and intrigued with the little ghost girl that the woman sees while going around exploring the Drake. Also something evil in the suitcase that she picked up and put in her own apartment. will have to wait until next Sunday night. 

Tuesdays are great for NCIS and Sons of Anarchy. NCIS i’m hoping and wondering about the guy that blew up NCIS if they will ever catch him. My thoughts are he is not dead and will be returning sooner than we think or maybe midway through the season. 

Thoughts of Jax are kind of hard. He is getting into Business with Nero and I think there is going to be hard road with that because I don’t think Nero’s wife is going to back down. She may even somehow get a hold of pope and maybe team up with him? We’ll have to see as the season continues. 

yes #Waitingsucks for true blood for season 6 what is going to happen with Eric and Sookie. Maybe the writers will be more creative with them and hopefully we’ll see a much better connection between the two. I am also hoping Jason finds Warlow and puts a stop or somehow saves Sookie from being a sacrifice for him. Probably so he can walk in the sun. There is more to that than which meets the eye. 


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