today i looked myself in the mirror well i cut some of the bad ends of my hair off and it looks really good and it’s symmetrical. so that’s the good part.

i also looked at my body in the mirror. the only real thing i don’t like is my arm flab lol.

i am a mom of 2 girls they are 5 and 6 years old and i live in Oregon. I am heavy set i weight about 257 lbs. i’ve lost weight since after giving birth to my 2nd daughter. i used to weight 282 lbs. so i’m doing what i can for me to lose weight so i feel good about me and to be healthier.

i will say this you can drop the table salt and start using spices different spices that are heart healthy and try different cooking things and drop some of the carbs. i’ve been making a lot of salad dinners with different meats (poultry, fish, pork, and occasionally red meats). they come out really great!

some nights i do eat potatoes which you can deny are really great but i do not add any salt in them well except for the salt that is already in the butter but i only use one tablespoon of butter when i mix it in potatoes. I do not use sour cream either. I use less than 1/3 c. of 2 percent milk. I use pepper sometimes I cut them up and into wedges or triangles and roast them in the oven and use mrs. dash. mrs. dash is an awesome spice and their spices that they have you can get with no salt what so ever.

taco seasoning from Mccormick you can get with less sodium and tastes just as great!

i know i sound like every other dieter but i am really enjoying the different cooking styles that i am learning to fit into getting healthier.

I now well i drink almost 8 glasses of water a day. My daughter’s pediatrician says to drink half your weight in water. It will help with hunger cravings and help the metabolism. So I almost make it to that point of half my weight but after awhile i get exhausted lol. So more water is also in my intake.

I am also a mom who has bipolar depression and yes i have almost daily episodes which I am trying to take care of myself and such.  I am going back into therapy (took a break during the summer because it’s hard when your kids are home most of the time while school is out). December I head back into therapy and i’m happy. Also looking for a doctor for medication to help take off most of the edge.

If anyone really does read this at all I have a question for you whether well hopefully be a parent or anything.

I got out of a bad relationship due to he died in the hospital from liver failure almost 2 years ago. I wasn’t allowed to do much of leaving the house or go outside or anything.

Since he has passed I am involved with my daughters school much more and I volunteer there weekly and chat and just get involved with other parents at the school too.

I am just wondering what other things to do for myself to help myself out. Self esteem wise and such. Does anyone have any suggestions? When i was 22 before i was with the jerk……..I had all the time in the world to take care of myself and do things which I did do.

Now my world revolves around my 2 daughters which I take care of them, I clean my house every day (i do i really do lol), make sure they are happy, healthy etc. I’ve never had any complaints from their doctor about anything lol. everyone always says they are healthy and i’m doing a great job.

Now i just am trying to find things for me even small things to just help myself out more.

so if anyone does read and you have any suggestions or even what you might do yourself please leave comments.




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