Sunday Sunday Sunday Ryback!

I am hoping (i love you cena……..but we need ryback to pulverize punk and i still want you to get better from your injury) that Ryback kicks PUNK’S ASS MAJORLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No where to run or any thing. Let’s give punk what he deserves. I think they could so much better with Heyman. The man ran ECW forever!!!!!!! until Vince took it away and made it Disgusting 😦 

I will never forgive them for killing the original ECW 😦 

Also thrilled of the chance that the king of cool will be coming back i hope 🙂 Carlito!!!!!!!

it’s about time Carlito came back and it sucks he left before but i’m hoping that goes well and he comes back permanently. 

They need to re do the whole diva’s division completely. It is such a short fall and awful. Most times I ponder at the thought of not watching wrestling because that division is an utter and complete failure. They need to be more creative and bring back the real fighting! if men want testosterone boosters go to a damn strip club! 



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