something from my heart and so forth

I have been watching documentaries on different things on Netflix. Most of them have been about what happened During WWII and yes it also includes the Holocaust. 

How terrible and what horrors happened during that time. I don’t and will never know how people can just kill and murder such innocent people. Another sad part is not only the memories the survivors and their children have but also the children whose parents were involved with the Nazi party. 

Those children whose parents were in the wrong (Nazi party) had no idea of what was really going on and they shouldn’t feel bad about liking their German Heritage. Yes hate what their parents were involved in completely but not the actual heritage that was before all the terrible and horrifying things that took place during that awful time in history. 

My heart and prayers go to all of them so much. How many people suffer and still suffer from all the wrong doings. 

There are so many other people suffering from other circumstances in the world. In every country there are many things going on that are not okay and uncalled for. 

This is how I feel that you shouldn’t hate someone because of their skin, religion, or whom they chose to love, or if they are small or fat. 

Human nature I know will never change there will always be bullying in this world and always be those who think they are better than everyone else. It’s the most saddest truth but Those who have such love and kindness in their hearts spread that around as much in any way that you can. 

I was bullied so terribly for many years because I am fat. Now I cannot work because I have so much fear and anxiety of being bullied again and again. NO it’s not deathly tragic but it still hurts and it was tragic to myself. 

I hope everyone sees something in other people something good even if it’s so deep down you cannot see it right away. 

Just something that gives and sends out hope. 

that is all…..


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