shows that will still be here this year

so there are a few good shows that are here for 2014. The Goldbergs got a full season and may be back for a second season hurray! I love that show and the whole 80’s it’s great and very funny. more coming back this year includes 

True Blood (7th and finale season of the series wah!)

Blacklist *will come back for season 2 as well* 

Trophy wife *picked up for entire first season*

Once Upon a Time *will come back for season 4 as well* 

Once upon a Time in Wonderland *full 1st season ? second*

NCIS *will come back for it’s 12th season also* 

How I met your mother (9th and finale season of the show)

The Carrie Diaries *may come back for a 3rd season* (i hope it does) 


those are pretty much the shows I watch besides of course Doctor Who. Doctor Who will come back with it’s new doctor either spring or fall. not fully sure yet lol. 

So happy watching! 


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