Cannibal Holocaust

I’ve known about this movie for about maybe three months. I finally decided to watch it after a few friends watched it from a group i’m on in Facebook. 

It’s a sad movie and really makes you think. In some fashion we are all like the cannibalistic tribes out there in the world deep and hidden away in the jungle. 

with all the violence and pornographic content people video and distribute every single day. it really makes me upset. The only difference is through out history and time that in this age we actually know better and yet we all do it because of human nature. The instincts and savagery that lives inside each and every one of us. 

Honestly the three who were killed got exactly what they deserved. Raping one of the woman villagers, burning a whole village with innocent children, and just their destructiveness. 

Things will not change they have evolved through out time but in all honestly we are all a cannibal holocaust. 


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