V C Andrews Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the wind

V C Andrews Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the wind

Okay so lifetime movies has done the Flowers in the Attic which honestly wasn’t so bad it was an okay movie. Yes I have read the book yes they have left out some things but in general you don’t miss too much.
Petals on the wind movie you will miss a lot of.
**********************SPOILERS*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************WARNING SPOILERS*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Okay so for the movie they are skipping ahead a few years in the new movie. They are skipping the beginning where the children meet Hennie who is a maid/house keeper for Dr. Paul Sheffield Which the children meet as Hennie takes the kids to his house because Carrie is still sick from the Cyanide. You miss the parts where Dr. Paul adops them as his own children and takes them to the mall they meet santa claus at the mall and the moments you want to know after they are freed.

The movie specifically is endured int he revenge of the mother. So they have Catherine with Julian Marquette and doing the whole ballet thing and still the relationship with Her brother Christopher.

They do have Carrie in their as well So i’m wondering what the hell because the beginning is such an important part of the book.

Carrie dies and passes away by the end of the book well before the ending.

They also will have Jory who is the son of Cathy and Julian which that is in the book but Bart (son of Cathy and Bart—-when she seduces Bart Winslow and the two begin and affair after Julian dies by suicide)

Bart doesn’t come in the picture until If there be Thorns so they are already messing up the book and order of things that has happened.

So yes I’m going to watch and then later post my feelings of it.

SO i highly suggest reading these books.

Lifetime movies are doing next year in 2015 If there Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday.

So if you can and want to read read read they are excellent books.


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