feelings when I read fifty shades…………

I am re reading again fifty shades of grey and I get a bit sad and teary eyed because well I am in a relationship as such but not much time for the kinky fuckery. 

My favorite moment with my love is when we first got together. I wore a black fishnet body outfit and He cuffed me in my black leather felt purple cuffs to the bed. My body was completely stretched out. I was laying on my back. 

He would have me this way for several hours which felt like an eternity in complete and utter pleasure. 

He would kiss my body and completely tease my nipples and completely made me just shutter and desperately want more. He would also insert inside me a buzzing medium dildo and had that inside me for the entire time. having me squirm and I was in anticipation as he had me there and while he was playing his games on the computer. 

Pure torture but in complete heaven. Would also use the soft horse flogger on my body mixed with the rubber band flogger. I loved every moment. 

So I cry and get a little depressed when i read fifty shades because I miss the intimacy. Yes we still have our moments but barely have the long scene sessions. 

 well being a mom and such always comes first and we are just busy especially summer keeping them active and outside a lot. Biking, swimming, going to the park, etc. 

One day probably when I’m 50 we’ll have more of those moments lol. 

That is one thing I have noticed in the BDSM community they are all old and in their late 40’s 50’s which no one really talks about. But it’s true they are mainly old. They have grown and their children grown and etc. 

So it’s interesting if you ever attend a much or anything to get acquainted with these people they are wonderful and great to talk to and ask questions. 

so that is all i wanted to get out lol. 


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