what’s going on with me….

well for the past week now i’ve been up very early (which doesn’t bother me) but by afternoon somewhere after 1pm I am sleeping. taking naps. ugh 😦 sleeping for a very long time. I know I feel depressed It’s just summer and I want it gone! I like summer but it’s harder when you have kids and you don’t have any time for yourself.

I just feel ugh and I miss some things. yes one of them is kinky fuckery….I do miss that with my love 😦

if I sound selfish you have no idea what I do daily or what I have done and still do for my daughters. They mean the world to me and I do everything for them every single day.

at least I have therapy tomorrow morning. yay 🙂


hope you all enjoy your Thursday tomorrow and have fun watching the 50 shades trailer ❤


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