Monday………….and it’s Hulk Hogan’s Birthday Celebration!!!

So whose going to watch RAW tonight or Tomorrow at some point? I’m interested in seeing what goes down Rumors were Kevin Nash and such could do a NWO reunion for the Hulkamania’s birthday Celebration. 

If you get to see RAW LIVE awesome. It will be in Portland Oregon tonight! and drats lol I wish I could go. I’m 3 hrs away but alas not in my cards for now. 

Going on If you are big fans of E.L. James go to her website and check it out. There are some awesome things This lady and talented Author has on her site. you won’t be disappointed. 

As for now I don’t blame her for putting Fifty on the back burner though. Looking forward to her other stories she may tell first before going back to Fifty if she decides to do so. Plus with Universal doing all three movies E.L. James will have her hands full as she will want to be part of how the movies are going down. 

They do have a screenwriter for Darker that is as much as I know and found out via google and other fifty shades blog sites and twitters 🙂 

Hope your monday is a good one. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Hulk Hogan ❤ Enjoy your celebration! 


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