Fall TV is finally here!

Okay so fall tv is finally back hurray! with that note…..Halloween is coming too. Welcome Great Pumpkin! I get excited every year yes even on tv to see Charlie Brown The Great Pumpkin.

Season 5 of Downton Abbey is wonderful. You will love watching it on PBS when it comes to the states Jan 2015. you will be shocked and Surprised.

Haven’t watched much of WWE wrestling it’s getting boring and tiring ha ha. go figrue!

Once upon a time is amazing. Great start with Ana and Elsa hope that Elsa finds Ana again. Loved the giant marshmallow too that was wonderful. Hopefully Regina will get her happy ever after soon. I hope so. It sucks that it keeps going and going. Her next move is pretty much getting rid of Marian. I don’t think she’ll get the great outcome I think that Robin will just stay single and be completely devastated all over again if he looses Marian again.

Revenge is great Victoria got out of the hospital. Plus David Clark got a hold of her at the end of episode. I wonder what’s going to happen here? But I can’t wait for tonight.

Total Divas is awesome. I can’t believe how much Natalya hates Summer. I mean really? good grief. Summer isn’t that bad I mean come on. I hope Nattie and TJ are divorcing. A guy is a Guy??? Wake up Nattie? Didn’t have all that the years before and now it’s all getting to you that’s stupid. You need to start things first it looks like with TJ. You should already know him since you’ve been together for 12 yrs. before marriage. jeez.

Modern Family, Blackish, The Goldbergs, and The Middle are all wonderful. love them all.

NCIS and NCIS new orleans are wonderful too totally love em both love that they are back to back. makes a lot of sense!

Halloween is almost here again…….but also that means GRIMM will be back with season 4 whose excited? I TOTALLY AM READY FOR GRIMM……I LOVE MONROE!!!!!!!

so that is all for now………………

SO fifty fans…….check out twitter and follow some of the FIfty Shades RP familes. they are great with great stories. The movie will be here sooner than you think!

Happy Halloween….


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