My review for the so called Aaliyah Movie…..

So Basically lifetime and Wendy Williams just made a huge mistake. Lifetime as always. But Wendy Williams? seriously come on. I’m sorry but it could have been so much better. all they did was snip snip here snip snip there we twist all of the reality out. I mean look at Selena! Selena was accurate and beautiful after the tragic singer’s death. They should have done with Aaliyah. None of her real songs were actually played or anything. It was awful. I mean hello it’s supposed to be about here. They even cut out her role in Queen of the damned which honestly she did such a wonderful job in. I hated the actor who portrayed R. Kelly that was awful too. Alexandra I thought was great as Aaliyah but honestly the storyline and snipping was terrible and a terrible way to honor Aaliyah’s life and legacy. I hated how they had Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Neither or them looked or anything like themselves. it was just bad all around.

Shame on you Lifetime and Wendy Williams.


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