Summer is here

So it’s Summer now and school is out and we have the kids home now. Thankfully every week of this summer they will have activities tuesday through thursday and will be going on Field trips. Hurray!

So yes I bought the digital copy of Fifty Shades of Grey May 1st. Was so excited and yes i’ve watched it about four times now lol. I can’t wait for Fifty Shades Darker which comes out February 10th, 2017. It feels like a long wait but it will go by faster than we think. Especially for moms, well maybe after school starts again in the Fall it will.

Also started watching Devious Maids season 3. It’s finally here! I can’t believe they did a DNA test and it was not Havier’s baby. OMG. Zoila lied to him and said that it’s his too. UGH! You know it’s about to get UGLY UP IN HERE which i’m sure it will near the end of the season lol. The little girl who cut some guy into pieces and Queen Mab found a dead arm that a dog was chewing on and fainted. Classic ending to the 1st episode. Who is loving Adrian and the Mistress stuff? TOTALLY I AM!

I can’t wait to see what else will go on with Adrian. LOL. he’s a hoot!


I at least watched Episode 1 which nothing too exciting happened. I actually fell asleep within the hour HAHA.

So i’ll have to keep watching at some point for excitement!

So happy Summer all 🙂 Enjoy!


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