trying to be mindful

i’ve tried really hard to be mindful of how i feel mainly between my ptsd and depression. i have done lots of laundry, cleaning, cooking all throughout the day. tried being online in SL nothing really do that at the moment got very bored. I helped my daughters’ make a plane out of a cardboard box. they colored and decorated it. they have been having fun most of the day today. It’s sunny i’ve been going outside here and there for fresh air.

I feel lonely and abandoned. i feel exhausted and bored. it’s hard for me to keep up with people and get in contact with others it’s just part of my anxiety.

I know i have a partner in life but his interests are now on a girl he met online and they’ve just begun to be friends and such through SL.

today and yesterday i don’t and am having a hard time with finding interests or doing interests that i like and would like to do. i just feel a lot of despair inside. my muscles in my shoulders hurt my eyes just want to release tears and my legs are tightened inside my left foot hurts. So i’m mindful of my emotions and how my body feels.

I am just going to keep fighting and try to continue my day best i can.


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