the other woman

So i just got done watching the Other Woman with Natalie Portman. It was a really strong powerful thinking movie. I thought to myself after it’s true the things our parents did and such shape us for the relationships we may or may not have. Maybe it’s all genetics and the personalities we inherit and make from it all.

The relationship I was in in which I had two children in he was an abusive mentally unstable person. I stayed in the relationship with fear. The fact I was stupid and moved across the country. I like where I live it’s a wonderful community and I wouldn’t trade it at all. Their father passed away from corrosion of the liver. I was relieved after he did. I was able to take better care of my children and get them all the things they really needed. They are such wonderful children and have come so far from after that it’s been about four years since his passing. I call it my get out of jail free card.

The relationship I’m in currently and have been since March 2011 yes it has been bumpy also with a friend whose known my children since they were in diapers so my daughters love and have a great connection to him. He does wonderful with them and supports them in wonderful ways. We are a wonderful team together. We just connect in many ways and it’s been wonderful and throughout the years to come for more wonderful things.

This movie will make you think afterward and has many tear jerking moments as well so watch with tissues.


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