Fall TV

So Fall TV is back and some of it really great start and some of it kinda bleh start.

The ABC shows we love Modern Family, The Goldburgs, and The Middle all came back with a bang On Wednsday night. Loving the beginning of these seasons.

Tuesday Night the day before Wednsday Comedy New show the Muppets which has now become a funny sketch of them doing the whole office, parks recreations, etc. I’m saddened about Kermit and Miss Piggy because many of us grew up with them together and even Muppets Take Manhattan. They got married at the end of the show. So that is kinda sad but I will say I do like the direction and it brings more adult humor to it that is current to todays standards. So Kudos to the muppets i have been watching and will continue to watch.

Fresh off the boat came back with a strong bang this season. I loved how they finally went on a vacation and such finally after no vacations were allowed. Very strong kick start and enjoying the season.

OUAT came back pretty strong but then I just wasn’t as captivated with the whole six weeks later this time. I was excited about Camelot and Arthur. It goes to six weeks later and bam Emma is the dark one. I hope that the season or tonight gets better. So here’s to hoping.

Last Man Standing is still amazing. I love the characters and yes love Tim Allen back on TV. I find him completely hillarious and also wonder if the person he is playing on TV is really his own persona in real life. Either way Mike Baster is a funny and lovable dad, vlogger, and worker. So Glad they are back for another great season to enjoy.

I got sad that Cristella I guess was cancelled. I loved the first season it was great! I wish it would come back sad we lost a great show with a wonderful lead female character many of us could relate to.

NBC has great shows that have come back. Mysteries of Laura and Law and Order SVU to start off. Both came back with wonderful episodes and so great to have back watching them.

What are your favorites that have come back this fall. What are your thoughts?


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