Thanksgiving has come and gone

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was typically a regular day with my oldest daughter being totally excited as the night before she did not go to sleep until 3 am. I put the bird in the oven about 10 am and it was done and fully cooked by 3pm.

Yes my oldest daughter has ADD and Anxiety she on low doses for both symptoms which help keep her in my own words grounded and focused. Without the anxiety pill she has many crying spells and gets overly tired and excited.

The evening ended by just relaxing at least trying to and having two days full of leftovers. The kids are off school until this coming Thursday and tomorrow is Monday and yes how i’m wishing they’d go back to school tomorrow. haha!

Only 26 days left until Christmas and it will be cheap as bills has of course become a bit expensive. One thing I love about my daughters is that they love the simple things still so I don’t need to buy them the new flashy things. Plus I enjoy taking them out for the day vs. buying them a completely expensive piece of technology. Yes I have an iphone we have a PS4, a XBOX 360, and tablets to boot but we try to keep them off the screen time as much as possible. Yes it’s a nightmare but just keep trying and do what you can.

Keeping my fingers crossed I get paid tomorrow so I can get groceries and things we need and also to put up our Christmas tree.  very very happy times.



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