Five days until Christmas

Well here at my home with my kids and man we’ve decorated the tree and decked the halls all pretty 🙂 all the Christmas shopping done and out of the way.

In the picture above is our Christmas tree. the girls get excited when it’s dark and the room glows from the lights.

Winter break has begun and so far things are not too hectic. Finally saw the new star wars movie. It is epic and you will not be disappointed. Very old school feel! So thank you J.J. Abrams Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamlin for coming back ❤ ❤

Today has been an inside outside day with the rain coming on and off and sunshine peering through the clouds. Hot cocoa, marshmallows, and sugar cookies hurray! has been the day.

If you you enjoy freebies and giveaways is the place to go and also as well.

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas to all 🙂

Enjoy the Season.


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