Looking at things

I just got done watching Love the Coopers and it’s such an awesome movie. It’s very teary eyed and you’ll have memories of your family and childhood.

It made me realize that I have an awesome family my boyfriend and my two daughters here with me.

I am scared of when my dad passes away it’s really scary and I know when it happens he won’t be in anymore pain. I loved my dad and my mom even though they did stupid things but everyone does stupid things in life. we’re not perfect and we weren’t made to be perfect. I wish some thing didn’t happen but things happen and we can’t go back and change things. We just have to keep moving day to day and try the best to be ourselves.

So many different things stink. Everyone puts emphasis now on losing weight and it’s a rat race seeing how fast you can get to a smaller size. It happens or gets worse January until yeah the end of February. I’m 33 yrs old. I’ve given birth to two daughters. My first daughter I got back down to 210 quickly. With my second daughter I don’t know what happened I went up to 287. It took my four years after to get down to 257 and now i’m up to 290. At least I was about three months ago. I have no idea how much I weight right now and that scares me a bit. I’ve tried really hard at drinking more water. It was easier when I was kid. I don’t know why it just was.

The big thing for me with weight is most people that’s how you are judged on being fat or thin. Yes people judge thin people too. I guess it goes both ways on that. There’s nothing wrong with people who are thin or fat. Just the health part. The Fashion sinks if you are bigger……they think you need to be or look like a grandma (no offense but they do…why I love Lane Bryant and Maurice’s because you look and feel beautiful in any size!)

I have a good life. Yeah money sucks that’s everywhere though and I don’t move because apartments here are 929.00 a month. Yes I’ve looked and stay on top of it to see where the housing market is going. I pay 786 a month here where I live. That is scary as rent goes up. Gas and cars or other things always going down or on sale lol. Funny how that works.

All I can do is be who I am everyday.






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