Frankie and Grace Season 2 on Netflix





Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin bring back the punches and laughs in Frankie and Grace Season 2 on Netflix. If you were a fan and loved season 1 you will love season 2 as well.

It’s nice to see what women go through in tough times through life and how they come out of it stronger. (well most do and some don’t but that’s okay too) These two work so wonderful together and i’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for season 3. (please netflix!).

I love the fight that Frankie (Tomlin) goes through with her Yam lube. It’s very funny and you also learn a thing or too of what people put in products. I loved the blood that she put in a bottle of Grace’s lotion product and just freaks out the board while debating how her Yam lube should come out. (you rock Frankie!).

We see Frankie go into new territory and finding a new love with her Yam Man Jacob. (Ernie Hudson). You will get excited and root for her relationship develop with Jacob. Grace finds her old love Phil (Sam Elliot) (which Frankie finds his address through google) and she goes and drives past his house with Frankie. Frankie orders a pizza in hopes to see Phil show up. The relationship is rocky and at the end you will cry for Grace and take Frankie’s side on the matter.

Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are a wonderful funny and just loving couple. Even though right now they are going through the hardship of Robert’s (Sheen) heart attack and Sol (Waterston) cheating on Robert (Sheen) with a one fling with Frankie while they were moving out of their old house.

It’s sad you feel for Robert but you hope that Sol and Robert end up back together. Which you will see unfold throughout season 2.

All the cast and actors were amazing. I love Grace’s oldest daughter whom battles with Frankie over the Yam lube. She is just a firecracker and very cynical of people. Grace’s other daughter is pregnant and has her husband’s Mother (played by Conchata Ferrell you know her from 3 and a half men) come and help her take care of the other two children. Which Grace at this point wants to feel useful and feels that her children don’t need her right now. So she barges in and helps a little too to be close to her daughter. She ends up getting lice and yes it’s funny. Frankie helps Grace get rid of the lice on their porch. 

Overall wonderful show please watch. Especially if you are a fan of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. (also Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston (i miss him on Law and Order)).


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