Krampus movie review



Yes my opinion is totally Bias because I paid 4.99 to rent it from Amazon last night. Universal and Legendary completely killed the previews for this movie. The previews are better than the actual movie. It starts out pretty good and you get to see the family and figure out most of the plot within the first 30 minutes.

The horror story itself is great at least from the actual short story that was written about Krampus.

The horror in this movie is so like Gremlins except Gremlins is better because who doesn’t love Gizmo.

It was a waste of money in my opinion I was hoping for more horror and a bit more blood because of the previews that were shown before the release date of this movie.

If you see it try to watch it for free don’t waste your money. This movie is so like Ernest scared stupid. It’s not even good horror.

That is my opinion.


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