Gilmore Girls Revival


I honestly am so excited for this special event thank you to Netflix and the makers of Gilmore Girls. Up above picture brought to you by TVLine from today. Luke and Lorelai together at the movie house in Stars Hollow.

The watching starts November 25th in time for Thanksgiving and No school for the next two or three days. It fits perfectly in schedule.

Dean, Jess, and Logan are set to return as well. Honestly in my opinion yes I want to see Rory with Logan. He was my absolute favorite but we won’t know what will happen until November 25th.

With Luke and Lorelai we were left with them kissing across the street from Rory’s surprise graduation party before she left on a campaign tour. I’m hoping it’s her and Luke too. So many things could happen.

They will give tribute to the late Edward Hermann on the show since he passed away in 2014. Which will make me cry because I loved his acting especially on Gilmore Girls. So who knows how Emily will be and if she will be more frantic than normal.

We just have to sit and wait. Yes I’ve already binged watch all the seasons of Gilmore Girls in anticipation of the revival!

So Happy waiting and Binge watching!


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