Last season of Grimm first four episodes





Sadly season 6 of Grimm as you have heard is the final season of this wonderful series (in my opinion lol) So below are the first four episodes which “Fugitive”,episode 1, will start January 6, 2017.

I am hoping it’s not fully rushed because when a series decides to a full finale and only have done at least up to 6 seasons they tend to rush and it feels unsatisfying to us fans of the show.

Take a look and we shall wait for January of 2017. #Grimm #GrimmSeason6Finale


Source: Wikipedia

111 1 “Fugitive”[115] Aaron Lipstadt[115] David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf[115] January 6, 2017[116] 601 TBD
112 2 “Trust Me Knot”[117] John Gray[118] David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf TBA 602 TBD
113 3 “Oh Captain, My Captain”[119] David Giuntoli[119] Thomas Ian Griffith[119] TBA 603 TBD
114 4 “El Cuegle”[120] Carlos Avila[120] Brenna Kouf[120] TBA 604 TBD

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