Summer 2017

Okay well things are going okay still sad and fresh of my boyfriend’s passing. Death seriously sucks and honestly happens when we least expect it. So love whomever you love and let them know. But On with my post here……..


I have been really really nervous about Summer because well being a single parent is really really challenging. Being a parent in general is Challenging. It seriously does take a village. So use your resources out in your communities. It helps! It will help your sanity too.

I went to a parent group through the local chapter of the Arc. I am joining their families co op summer program. Which is trips with other parents and their children to local places to have some summer fun.

I’m feeling better about summer. The biggest thing we will do is go to Minnesota this coming August. I have not seen my mother in 12 years. It’ll be a bit crazy and lots of tears i’m sure. We’ll be taking the train there and staying for a week. It will be so nice and my girls will really really enjoy it. I hope lol.

Check out things in your area and use those resources. They honestly will help and yes use also the free ones too.

Good Luck and Happy Summer!


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